Satria Yoga

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Frankie’s Satria yoga class has been absolutely revolutionary for me. I love this class! After having 3 children, I developed severe Achilles pain in both legs and was told by the hospital, after 3 years, that I needed an operation to lengthen the tendon. After about 4 classes, the pain eased and now I am able to run 3 times a week and live a very active life. I only go once a week but without it I would be lost and have a very achy body that prevented me from most other forms of exercise. I love the strength and flexibility it gives me and relaxation after a stressful day/week at work. Thank you Frankie!
— Lisa Newton (East Sheen)

About Satria Yoga

Satria Yoga is a unique and dynamic yoga style that derives from the ancient Indonesian martial art Silat.

For the body

  • Improves posture and body alignment

  • Improves flexibility

  • Weight loss

  • Strengthens muscles and bones

  • Improves digestion, circulation and immunity

For the mind

  • Reduces stress

  • Enhances memory

  • Increases clarity

  • Inspires creativity

Satria Yoga - Background Information


The forming of the Satria Yoga began in 1999.  All postures derive from the Satria Fighting Arts (SFA), so the natural body mechanics when practising the postures, can also be used for self-defence, but trained without the combative element to it. 

Satria Yoga was first inspired by Guru Ma, who believed that it was important for women to learn self-defence in this modern age.  As a Yoga teacher herself, her understanding of yoga is very esoteric.  And she also understood that most women were not so interested in combative type of martial arts training.  So instead, she initiated her colleague Steven to create a way of training for women that would build strength, endurance, stability, flexibility, mobility, agility, coordination, relaxation, correct alignment, thereby encouraging good posture, as well as correct use of breath through relaxation and other breathing exercises.   This does not restrict the practise for women only, in fact, more men practise this style of yoga under one roof and have found the link that connects their external practises into an internal one.

Steven and Guru Ma put the Satria Yoga 144 postures together.  These 144 postures can be practised as a supplement to the Satria Fighting Arts, for its correct body alignment, but it is also a style of yoga that can stand on its own.